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The last train to London

This is Hildenborough train station at night. Notice the functionality and well maintain of this small and basic train station.

London is nice

London as seen from The Shard on my birthday.

Marina Bay MRT

Last one on this beautiful carriage interior, this time is the turn of a monochrome version with a different POV, this is my favorite of the lot (yes I tend to leave what I like the most at last ;)).

Last station I would have enjoyed the silence looking at this deserted transport landscape but the train was travelling back and I had to abandon the ship.

This is London

Entering into London space; this is the London Eye, Houses of Parliament including the Big Ben, Charing Cross and Waterloo train stations among other nice buildings and the characteristic Thames river.

Now something nice to navigate across the Thames.

Platform 3

Another shot from Darmstadt train station, I must admit that I was inspired by someone else´s idea when doing the post processing here.
You'll find the same image without color selection under one of my sets.

Simply Magpie

When you are driving and a bird is on the road he/she would typically fly, this guy decided just to keep walking, luckily I'm always careful with animals on the road and I had my camera with me and he was just walking by without worrying about any car or anything in the world really.

I know you you are there, in the light, in the air...

The evening

Not much traveling lately, then again who needs travels when you can find this beautiful landscapes just around the corner.

Dragon gargoyle

Because not only in Asia you can find dragons, this nice sculpture was found in Blue Water shopping mall in London; special effect inspired in the work of Marivick. Happy weekend my dear 500pxers friends.

Never ending story

The sky is the limit

Taken a couple of days ago with an obscenely blue sky; blue filter and color removal later this is the result.Have a great weekend my 500pxers friends.Blackbird singing in the death of night ...


Strange figure form by the clouds in a mirror image; this is the M&Ms World Chocolate building in Leicester Square in London after a bit of processing.
Happy father's day and enjoy this classic together with this image.

London aerial

Arriving at around 9 pm in London, the pilot decided to give us a quick tour of the whole city before even touching land; lets see if you can spot the following: London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Charing Cross Station, Waterloo Station, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace; I guess we can just touch land depart and say we have seen everything :)

Under Pressure

90 Degrees Achilles Heel

I guess Sundays are for playing, here a third version of the centre point picture, this monochrome version "feels" better in this angle.

This is the Horizontal version

This is the Color version

The Imperial March

Love Street

This is the red light district in Little India, Singapore, it is an alley better known as Pink Street; obviously, this is during the day, I wasn't brave enough to venture here during the night. I guess I'll come here next time later at night, although I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to take pictures, we will see.If you want to see an HDR version in color, please let me know in your comments.

In honor of the late Ray Manzarek, here I present you with Love Street

Due to popular demand here the reloaded version, warning, don't click if you don't like ovely rprocessed HDR.

Egypt in London

A nice motif inside Harrods shop in London; yes, this is the shop that used to be own by Mr. Mohamed Alfayed, father of the late Dodi Alfayed ex-boyfriend of Princess Diana of Wales. This is a pillar close to the handbags section; most of the people here weren't concern about the architecture of the place which I believe is pretty awesome. Regarding handbags, I couldn't care less :P Desert sounds

Unexpected shutters

Whilst walking on Orchard Street in Singapore, which is an example of modernity and high end shopping I found this nice street that gave me a moment of respite to the crowded big avenue; it was incredible to be transported in a matter of seconds to this beautiful corner of the little red dot.

Pigs on the wing

Starting to question where does photography prowess ends and the expression of an idea through manipulation starts to create what some would consider a work of art.

Wasn't expecting to go through this iconic landmark whilst travelling to London, when I saw it I quickly grabbed my camera and put it to work; no good light and some reflection from the lights within the train plus the motion created a not so great image, nothing a few manipulations didn't fix; no training as such, just some gut feeling to get here.

Always remember pigs on the wing whenever I go through this place.

Coming or going

Red can be dramatic but often better when in motion. Shouldn't we take life a bit slower and easier.

Upwards or downwards

Arlanda airport at 1 am; delayed flight and a perfect opportunity for a photographic session :)

Black garden

Very impressive clouds formation, I love nature and always feel amazed and in awe of such amazing spectacles given for free in a big grassland in the surrounding area of where I live. I must sadly accompany this picture with the latest news "The last time CO2 was regularly above 400ppm was three to five million years ago - before modern humans existed.". I believe is time for our generation to really re-think what we are doing to our environment.

Darmstadt hauptbahnhof a la Sosby

It might look very different to my previous image but don't let your eyes deceive you, is the same including some extra seasoning using Lee's secret recipe. Not sure if I manage to get the flavor Lee was expecting but for me it was very good.Enjoy, my 500px friends. A set of this session can be found here.

Look what you are missing

You will see this scene over and over again whilst travelling; people with a book, blackberry, iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other gadget, in the meantime magical landscapes passing in front of them through the windows. Next time you travel please take the opportunity of appreciating what life has in store for you, whether a smile from a stranger or a beautiful landscape outside the window, whatever you do with your phone can wait until you reach your destination :)

Halfway Turning

The turning torso is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden and it is located in the city of Malmö (south of Swedn close to Denmark), I had the opportunity to take this image on a helicopter trip which was taken place during a festival, this was my first time in a helicopter and shows the building under construction. It is called the turning torso because of the shape, you can google it in case you want to see the final architectural jewel :)

The parliament is moving

A very tricky shot taken from a train in motion, bridge structure in between and the sun in the background; a challenge that threw an interesting result; I bet you haven't seen this perspective of the houses of parliament and London Eye before.

So much clearer

I was not going to be happy until I got the monochrome version in place, I wanted to keep the blues on the color version and that's why I was adamant on going through this route, but this, from my personal view is much better, even without the blues :)

Spring violin

My son's violin being bath with the first spring sun ray in the UK.

Yellow Combi

Found this classic whilst walking in London, I remember when I was a child I traveled from Cuernavaca to Acapulco in one of this things, the trip took eight hours; it was fun nevertheless. The bright yellow here was kind of out of place the same as the vehicle; a rare opportunity that I happily took advantage of :)

Chasing cars

I had to ask the help of my son to take this picture since I was driving at 70mph it was not possible, nor safe to take an image in the middle of the motorway. Post processing work done by me ;)


Another beauty; who would have thought, walking in London and taking pictures of cars; another nice classic, this was in mint condition and truly shining that day. Have a happy weekend.


Wondering if engines were never invented and we would still be nomads, would humanity have caused such an impact in our environment? does smart equals dumb? A philosophical question indeed, I am here because of that, we all are; is time for us to make it really worth it by giving back a bit of respect that nature's deserves.

Royal Arcade Melbourne

This arcade looks frozen in time, everything around is what you would think the place would look like in the 19th century; magical place that you shouldn't miss if you visit Melbourne.

Talking about Australia, here I present you with Sweet Dispositions.

YA 12 In Sepia

Yet another 12 apostles shot taken on a trip to Australia, I had no camera at that time so I resorted to the good old iphone 3GS. I was truly marveled by the beauty of the place, it made me felt as if I was in another planet.

I wish I could wear those

Pigeons are so accustomed to us that they sometimes mingle just like if they were part of the crowd; I found this one looking at a ladies shoes green in envy, not sure if she wanted her shoes or the stockings :)

Over there

Early attempts at street photography; taken on a business trip to Bogota, Colombia, this was my first trip to this beautiful country.

A storm is coming

I have always being amazed by the clouds and their formations; everything looks so small underneath them; they are freightening and beautiful at the same time.

Phone in the woods

Whilst walking in Hildenborough's country side where there are no lakes or rivers I found a boat first and then this red phone box next to a tree, I believe it is not a working phone but I found it peculiar to be seating there just next to a tree in the middle of nowhere; I wonder what would I do if I wanted some change to use the phone? I guess I would just need to ask to the next in line (the tree) :) Last question, under which category should I put this one?: "Urban Exploration", "Street", "Nature"? Where is the fusion or eclectic category?


There is always something sensual about steam; water purifies and in its gas form seduces.

Image inspired by a friend's work, who happened to publish a bathroom shot a few days ago; you know who you are friend :)

Poached eggs on asbestos

I didn't have the intention of taking a snap of my breakfast but the yolks were so bright I couldn't resist; not totally convinced but hey, what is about photography if not experimenting and taking risks every now and then :)

The woman in red

A tricky shot which required a bit of ingenuity, I took some shots of this woman from a stand still train leaving from Waterloo East station with a gap for oncoming trains, I've obviously got her attention, and just when she was looking at the camera the oncoming train pass through to obtain this result.
Happy mid-week 500pxers :)