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Tie fighter

This looks like the wings of one of Darth Vader's ships. London Bridge underground at around 4 pm on Saturday; not sure how this passage was so empty on such at such hour; maybe Darth was using the force to keep the people away :) Face your fear

Floor 72

These are the last 4 or 5 stories upwards as seen from floor 72, this is the highest floor you can go as a visitor. Maybe next time I will check what can be done to reach further up.

Thank you

A big thank you to Mr. Cheng without him this would not have been possible :) An incredible view of Singapore's financial district including the Supreme Court (UFO like) and The Parliament (shown in the thumbnail). A unique point of view that includes pretty much all the important buildings including a tiny bit of the Fullerton hotel in the bottom left corner of the skyline. Smells like weekend 500pxers. The forgotten people

Feast of lights

Another fantastic angle from a privilege position; I love the mix of lights here and the great opportunity to include the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, The DNA bridge, the Opera House and many more goodies from the bay. Thanks again to Eddie for the great opportunity. Happy weekend 500pxers :) Lights

The Triad

Not as such but just a nice shape formed by this three buildings at Singapore's financial district. I didn't intend to be in this place just took the wrong exit at the MRT (Singapore's metro), found interesting places and things during this travesty (this is just one example). Happy beginning of the week 500pxers. Mr. Blue Sky

Curved Waffles

This roof is so nice that it feels like you could eat it :). The shoppes at Singapore's Marina Bay; impressive shopping center with lots of shops, restaurants and fountains. The week is over, the month is nearly over and I feel like I'm over. Have a wonderful week ahead 500pxers. We built this city

Clair de Lune

Special photo taken on Debussy's 151th birthday; wondering how often in a lifetime birthdays fall in full moon's days. As a side note, there was a pair of lovers laying on the grass enjoying the moon next to me when I took this picture.

Ghost Ship

If you look closely you can see the long trail of this ship; not sure if it is a tourist boat, party boat or pleasure boat, what I'm sure of is that I was lucky enough to catch it as it was making its way through the Holbeinsteg Bridge.

Last minute shopping

Departing from terminal 1 in Changi airport (Singapore) and looking for a small present for my son; unfortunately it was not available, fortunately I was advised to travel to terminal 2 in the internal train; upon arrival I found this amazing ceiling and open space. Sometimes I wonder if fate exists or is it just a consequence of our actions. Liberty

Apple Store

This is the apple store in Regent Street, London, taken at the blue hour, not sure what is better, the shop or the photographer taking the picture in front of it.
Nice to see how the shops in London adopt the architecture of the buildings that contain them.


Yet another Royal Albert Hall image; this is a typical image of how this beautiful building looks like on a typical Saturday. Happy beginning of the week 500pxers :)

Blue Ion

A very challenging shot due to the short distance available for a wide shot; Singapore's architecture is very impressive and no matter where you look at you'll always find something different and beautiful. Solo il tempo

Supermoon Singapore

After five days of continuous haze (fog) without a possibility of any clear shot in the city and on my last day running late for the airport I was presented with this rare opportunity, the taxi driver brought down the window and this was the result; I just hope someone else with more time would have taken a better shot, and thinking back I reckon I should have asked the taxi driver to stop to take a proper picture although I didn't have a tripod with me it would have been very tricky but at least I could have try a more relaxed shot even if I missed my plane. Anyway, a humble attempt to capture a magical moment. To the taxi driver, if you see this picture, please get in touch, I lost my receipt and I can't claim it on my expenses ;)


This is London

Entering into London space; this is the London Eye, Houses of Parliament including the Big Ben, Charing Cross and Waterloo train stations among other nice buildings and the characteristic Thames river.

Now something nice to navigate across the Thames.

Light Snake

This image was taken at Heathrow Terminal 5; the light snake is a fresh addition to the lounge area landscape; I like this high ceiling terminal and the relaxing shopping and eating experience; typically travelling can be a bit stressing but this terminal's interior design makes the travelling experience a bit of fun.


Picadilly Circus' surrounding architecture is simply awesome. Lillywhites is a sports wear shop spanning over 5 floors and they occupy the right wing of this building. You can also see the Eros fountain where people usually gather to appreciate the big illuminated and now animated boards just opposite.

London is nice :)

No Harry here

No Harry Potter in this Hogwarts ...actually it is one of the amazing buildings of Tonbridge school in an overcast day with a bit of processing; please note, as the title says neither Harry nor Daniel attended this school :)

Bricks and clouds

Just between Royal Albert Hall and Royal College of Music you will find this beautiful building; a capture performed by the versatile Leica lens in my humble camera :)

London aerial

Arriving at around 9 pm in London, the pilot decided to give us a quick tour of the whole city before even touching land; lets see if you can spot the following: London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Charing Cross Station, Waterloo Station, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace; I guess we can just touch land depart and say we have seen everything :)

Under Pressure

Pigs on the wing

Starting to question where does photography prowess ends and the expression of an idea through manipulation starts to create what some would consider a work of art.

Wasn't expecting to go through this iconic landmark whilst travelling to London, when I saw it I quickly grabbed my camera and put it to work; no good light and some reflection from the lights within the train plus the motion created a not so great image, nothing a few manipulations didn't fix; no training as such, just some gut feeling to get here.

Always remember pigs on the wing whenever I go through this place.

90 Degrees Achilles Heel

I guess Sundays are for playing, here a third version of the centre point picture, this monochrome version "feels" better in this angle.

This is the Horizontal version

This is the Color version

The Imperial March


Yet another Petronas Tower snap, during a business trip to this wonderful place, I really enjoyed my time in Kuala Lumpur and the Petronas Towers are just impressive; no camera at the time besides my trusty iPhone.

Halfway Turning

The turning torso is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden and it is located in the city of Malmö (south of Swedn close to Denmark), I had the opportunity to take this image on a helicopter trip which was taken place during a festival, this was my first time in a helicopter and shows the building under construction. It is called the turning torso because of the shape, you can google it in case you want to see the final architectural jewel :)


Yet another DNA bridge snap

Love Street

This is the red light district in Little India, Singapore, it is an alley better known as Pink Street; obviously, this is during the day, I wasn't brave enough to venture here during the night. I guess I'll come here next time later at night, although I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to take pictures, we will see.If you want to see an HDR version in color, please let me know in your comments.

In honor of the late Ray Manzarek, here I present you with Love Street

Due to popular demand here the reloaded version, warning, don't click if you don't like ovely rprocessed HDR.

The prophecy

"An the lion and the lamb shall lay down together"...I didn't know about this and after little research I found this is typically misquoted, and to a which degree that there is even an sculpture about it. The right quote is "The wolf and the lamb...". At the end of the day it doesn't matter, this was an interesting subject for my picture of this nice sculpture which I found in Farnham Surrey. And yes, when I saw it I thought this is the post I wanted to do with it.Talking about lions back down south :)


My first upload with HDR here, I can see many possibilities already but I wouldn't like to abuse the processing; this one was taken just outside London Bridge train station; I reckon the processing this time was in accord with the surrealism of this statue there in the middle of the buildings. This sculpture is the work of Stephan Balkenhol and it is one part of a set, as you might have guessed the set is called Couple.

The parliament is moving

A very tricky shot taken from a train in motion, bridge structure in between and the sun in the background; a challenge that threw an interesting result; I bet you haven't seen this perspective of the houses of parliament and London Eye before.

Darmstadt hauptbahnhof a la Sosby

It might look very different to my previous image but don't let your eyes deceive you, is the same including some extra seasoning using Lee's secret recipe. Not sure if I manage to get the flavor Lee was expecting but for me it was very good.Enjoy, my 500px friends. A set of this session can be found here.


The old town in Stockholm in a cold but clear night; I nearly got froze bite during this session; I believe it was worth it. I have always love Stockholm and I hope I can move there some day.

Puente Atirantado

Quick shot whilst driving underneath one of the famous bridges of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Arlanda Express

Arlanda Express after 1 am local time; not many people on board allowed me to take a nearly clean image; the light and the decoration were very warm and somehow reminded me of a ballroom; I had the opportunity to make the scene colder but I preferred not to, really liked it the way it felt.


Friday, end of the month, tired and thinking of something sweet; how our emotions interfere with the creative process?, how do we translate what we feel, what we are?. Time to relax and not to be strict and just play a little bit, indulging without caring about the end result; so here you are an HDR image of London Waterloo train station; don't be to fussy about digital processing and just get yourself into the scene.
Happy Friday 500pxers :)

Kensington Picadilly

Only four days with my new camera and experimenting.

Use the force Luck

Arriving in Gatwick airport; after a recent refurbishment they use interesting lighting and very white walls.

Clinical train

On my way from Sevenoaks to London, the train had a certain feeling of aseptic kind of hospital environment.

Coops shot tower

Taken on yet another business trip to Melbourne, impressive shopping center with its own under covered tower. No camera at the time with the exception of an old 3GS iPhone which allowed me to execute my idea just as I wanted. My trip to Melbourne was like walking on a dream.

Stairs Heal's Building Up

A complete different perspective looking up compared to looking down where the wood is clearly visible, however, the whites visible from below make up for it. This is a peculiar shot since the stairs are supposed to be wholly lighted, you can appreciate the lights only on in one floor giving the creamy flavor to the adjacent floors, then there is one floor off and then on again; rare opportunity to get such combination and I reckon the only image of this type on the same subject. Enjoy.

Neon Circle

Inside Andares shopping mall in Guadalajara; my camera's battery died, my iPhone was still alive and allowed me to rescue the evening whilst going upstairs I encountered this lovely skylight; this angle was only possible whilst in motion and on board the escalators.


In a quick trip to Prague I found what I would say is the first and last watermill I've ever seen, light conditions where not very good and I didn't have a tripod and my camera was a point and shoot at that time; nevertheless I took the risk and this is the result.

V&A Chandelier

I was walking the other Saturday outside Victoria and Albert museum in London, since I am around the area most Saturdays and saw this chandelier in the first floor of what appeared as a private room; just to realize later the wonderful print on the curtain behind; lesson of the day always bring the camera with you, you never know what you will find ( this day was particularly dull and cloudy)

Unexpected shutters

Whilst walking on Orchard Street in Singapore, which is an example of modernity and high end shopping I found this nice street that gave me a moment of respite to the crowded big avenue; it was incredible to be transported in a matter of seconds to this beautiful corner of the little red dot.

Royal Arcade Melbourne

This arcade looks frozen in time, everything around is what you would think the place would look like in the 19th century; magical place that you shouldn't miss if you visit Melbourne.

Talking about Australia, here I present you with Sweet Dispositions.

London is nice

London as seen from The Shard on my birthday.

Reach for the sky

A tricky shot this one, I had to put my hand off a bridge with oncoming traffic underneath and use the special tilted flip screen on my camera to compose this shot; I know there are many pictures around of the magnificent Marina's Bay skyscraper but that didn't put me off to try something a bit different.
This is with the sun coming from the west closing the day and with the last bit of battery on my camera.
Walking on a dream

Purple rain

This is the recently refurbished Terminal 3 in London Heathrow; I really like the mood created by the light in all London's airports; it has that calming and sophisticated feeling. This is the bridge that connects the terminal with the parking building, a fantastic upgrade compared to the previous bridge. The photo was taken from a small gap in the protective steel structure in the parking area itself whilst waiting for my car to be brought to me; for me waiting is not boring but an opportunity to learn and create.
Purple rain