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Time for a coffee

Found as part of a bicycles repair shop's facade in Hackney, not sure if this was a customer, or the shopkeeper, he noticed me taking the picture and moved aside, I reckon that keeping him slightly in the frame was not so bad after all.

White Rabbit

Starting a series on graffiti found in Hackney, London. Not sure for how long these works will remain on the street so I only found it just to put them on film (figuratively speaking) for a perennial footprint.

Slim shady

Vent found on the ceiling of Oxford Circus underground station in London; sometimes you can find beauty in the less unexpected places. Thanks everybody for following up The Shard series, I am so happy to read your comments and they motivate me to learn more about the beautiful and complex art of creating images.

Floating droplets

In reality not floating but they feel like it. I don't remember the last time I published a conceptual picture, so here you are, coming back to an area of photography I am fascinated about but don't practice seldom.

Waking up

A very small window of time is what you get to capture the light of the sun coming through the window; a metaphor of life, we have to make the most of it while it shines. An image inspired by a photographer who has been absent lately from the community. Looking forward to have you back again.

Wet view

A nice surprise to have a clear view of the shower and the toiled from the room; I guess that if you are staying in the same room then there is no need for privacy. Come on feel the noise

Midnight train

About to go out for dinner and without any intention to take any photos, this light convinced me otherwise; train station was just outside my room, but two layers of double glazing made my room completely quiet. I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday evening 500pxers. A case for shame

The Face

A lucky shot I suppose; whilst travelling on the train and going through this interesting landmark I took this picture; later on, when checking the photo in my lab I realized that a passenger's face was just in the same position as the bridge's link.

Seeing red

Interesting landscape found in London's street near Soho, the city doesn't seem to stop in its always evolving landscape. All the little lights


Shrine raised in front of Amy Winehouse's home in London; great musician who departed early from this world.

Amy you live stonger even today with your music.

Green Light

Wondering why there are traffic lights in a rail where only driverless vehicles transit; from where I took this picture there was no break pedal so I wonder what should I have done if the light was red? Well I did nothing in previous picture and it was ok :) Put it on and don't say a word...

Marina Bay MRT

Last one on this beautiful carriage interior, this time is the turn of a monochrome version with a different POV, this is my favorite of the lot (yes I tend to leave what I like the most at last ;)).

Last station I would have enjoyed the silence looking at this deserted transport landscape but the train was travelling back and I had to abandon the ship.

The last tram

Well, not really the last but it feels like it; a quick walk in Budapest after a late shift of work; I love the old feeling of trams in this beautiful city. Luka

Multicolor egg flower

A combination of three different types of eggs (Isa Brown, Araucana blue and Standard Free range) to form this flower shape composition.

Is Friday my 500pxers friends, I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

Araucana Egss Flower

I did a light experiment with this type of eggs in the past but the color was not evident, thus I wanted to do something using daylight and this is the result. If you are interested to learn more about the chickens that laid this type of egg please follow the link. Happ Friday 500px friends. Great news, one of the eggs has hatched, here is a picture of the chick.

White pinwheels

A windmill farm over the north sea taken from an A380 airplane, the new plane's window was clearer and wider than the typical plane's allowing for a sharper take (not so sharp on the edges tho). This is as seen from a 30,000 feet altitude with zoom-in.

Pseudo eye

I got this idea after finishing a glass of wine; no trickery here, just a simple macro photo of a finished wine glass on top of a radiator.

Color lamps

Starting to think that furniture shops are worth a visit not only to buy furniture but also to take photos; I found this stunning arrangement for which I still feel I couldn't translate the whole scene as I wanted.

If we could only change the world and make all the people create a harmonious photographic composition :)


Strange figure form by the clouds in a mirror image; this is the M&Ms World Chocolate building in Leicester Square in London after a bit of processing.
Happy father's day and enjoy this classic together with this image.

90 Degrees Achilles Heel

I guess Sundays are for playing, here a third version of the centre point picture, this monochrome version "feels" better in this angle.

This is the Horizontal version

This is the Color version

The Imperial March

Credit Card

These stairs were designed for people to use after seeing their credit card statements resulting from a shopping spree in Harrods, one of the most exclusive shopping centers in London. One more night

Synchronous time

I realized all clocks were more or less in synch after moving the picture to my laptop for processing, typically shop keepers don't care that much about all clocks to be on time. This was taken in M&S near Bracknell.As expected clocks from coldplay.

Chess Tap

I was having lunch and this tap was inviting me to take its picture, I happily obliged.

Stairs Heal's Building Up

A complete different perspective looking up compared to looking down where the wood is clearly visible, however, the whites visible from below make up for it. This is a peculiar shot since the stairs are supposed to be wholly lighted, you can appreciate the lights only on in one floor giving the creamy flavor to the adjacent floors, then there is one floor off and then on again; rare opportunity to get such combination and I reckon the only image of this type on the same subject. Enjoy.

Neon Circle

Inside Andares shopping mall in Guadalajara; my camera's battery died, my iPhone was still alive and allowed me to rescue the evening whilst going upstairs I encountered this lovely skylight; this angle was only possible whilst in motion and on board the escalators.

Poached eggs on asbestos

I didn't have the intention of taking a snap of my breakfast but the yolks were so bright I couldn't resist; not totally convinced but hey, what is about photography if not experimenting and taking risks every now and then :)


In this day an age where light speed communications are at our fingerprints and all sorts of shallow entertainment is streamed to our homes very few would dare to send a letter through the post or even use a public phone and what shall I say about seating on a bench to enjoy a quiet end of the day.

Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason's window shopping; nice arrangement of products in one of the most traditional shops in London.

Into the void

Another perspective found at Gatwick's south terminal; interesting combination of red with orange; probably the decoration was sponsored by Easy Jet the budget airline.

Bend it like Costa

A corner in Costa Coffee in Knightsbridge London; everything was pretty full on this weekend, strangely enough I managed to catch this corner pretty empty. Thanks everybody for your support and have a wonderful Halloween or day of the death or anything you celebrate today :P

Sunset in my room

One more for the hotel series. Sunset light coming into the room filtered by buildings, the air, the curtains. The night is fast approaching and I can only sit and spare a thought about the beauty of this light reflected on the room's wall. Slow Light

Blurred Dreams

What is visible behind a glass covered by steam or frosted glass takes different shapes an figures giving power to the imagination to figure out what is behind it; this is the bathroom of the Oasia hotel as seen from inside the room on a literally hazy night.

The weeknd

A light of memory

Well, this is the room I stayed in Singapore on the day of my departure, a peculiar time due to the pollution, a good friend of mine recommended to take photos inside the hotel to counteract the difficulty of going outside; this is the result.

A nice corner where you could seat and get lost in your thoughts whilst contemplating the city from above.

Hearts and thoughts they fade...