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The sky is the limit

Taken a couple of days ago with an obscenely blue sky; blue filter and color removal later this is the result.Have a great weekend my 500pxers friends.Blackbird singing in the death of night ...

Who´s behind me

I saw this bird through my window and quickly grabbed my camera, luckily he stayed there and posed for me with this peculiar head turn.

The three musketeers

Another day of building photography and suddenly these three guys showed up candidly walking as if they were three friends just hanging about; an unexpected shot.

I wish I could wear those

Pigeons are so accustomed to us that they sometimes mingle just like if they were part of the crowd; I found this one looking at a ladies shoes green in envy, not sure if she wanted her shoes or the stockings :)

Tranquil Pelicans

Whilst staying at Las Brisas in Acapulco I had access to a secluded shore called La Concha where these birds were happily resting.

That's my ball

An old photo of my granddad's dog, he loved to play and here he is getting the ball like a master tennis player.

Simply Magpie

When you are driving and a bird is on the road he/she would typically fly, this guy decided just to keep walking, luckily I'm always careful with animals on the road and I had my camera with me and he was just walking by without worrying about any car or anything in the world really.

I know you you are there, in the light, in the air...


Starting a series with small animals in city landscapes, this is chivito (little goat in Spanish); he was exploring Regent Street in London and happily posed for this picture.
Image inspired in Tony Polinni's work :)

Hesitant step

I went out to have a quick shave and this little fella said hello from the stairs railing at home; he wasn't camera shy and happily posed for this picture. Probably my first published image of an insect. There is always a first for everything :)