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Wild flower

Found on the street near to a main road in Darmstadt; I was amazed by the color tones and couldn't avoid taking the snap. Nearly Friday my 500pxers friends.

There is so much sexiness in this world. White Rabbit.

Daisies chains and laughs

It has been a while since I published my last flowers, in order not to break the tradition here more wildflowers, this time it was the turn of the daisies, these were found next to a main road in the UK, I stop the car, went down and took this image.

The title comes from the dark side of the moon.

Wild yellow

Starting to become a fan of wildflowers, found this yesterday saying hello to me indicating the end of May and beginning of June; I can smell summer in the air.

Like Coldplay says it was all yellow.Happy beginning of the month 500pxrs :)

Yellow fields forever

More wild flowers are invading the fields around my area, I'm not complaining just very happy to see the landscape always changing. Since I started taking photographs I'm appreciating more the world that surrounds me.
Yellow fields forever .

Camerich Orchid

I found this not in a garden, a house or the forest, but in a furniture shop; when I saw this big bunch of live orchids I couldn't believe my eyes and my camera couldn't resist to take a snap; my first attempt to capture the beauty of these type of flowers.

YAO from the top

Yet another orchid shot from the top; I am not fan of flowers and just recently I noticed orchids have this strange bright particles that I can only define as start dust, which reminds me of the movie which I like very much :)

Under the white led

Last photo of the series using led lights; I also did a blue one but I didn't like it, I might create a set for all the photos in the series. Sun is still missing in the south of the UK.

Feliz cumpleaños Mariló

Este regalo va enseguida del de Belén. Un gran abrazo Mariló, que nos sigas deleitando con tu arte por muchos años mas :)

Blue Hildenborough

Took this at the blue hour in Hildenborough, I don't know what is the name of these plants but I do know that they are certainly beautiful. Problem solved, thanks to Mariló for letting us know these are Pampas Grass or Plumeros in Spanish.


I was missing some flower shots but here you are. Found these orchids in the less expected place, just in the middle of the luggage delivery carousel at Singapore's Changi airport; it was a pleasant view to have whilst waiting for my luggage to come out.