Hector Yep's Portfolio

A storm is coming

I have always being amazed by the clouds and their formations; everything looks so small underneath them; they are freightening and beautiful at the same time.

Black garden

Very impressive clouds formation, I love nature and always feel amazed and in awe of such amazing spectacles given for free in a big grassland in the surrounding area of where I live. I must sadly accompany this picture with the latest news "The last time CO2 was regularly above 400ppm was three to five million years ago - before modern humans existed.". I believe is time for our generation to really re-think what we are doing to our environment.

A different view

A combination of previous pictures, this is the dark landscape taken during the winter and the field of yellow buttercups flowers uploaded yesterday, so basically a different view from previous pictures. Friday is just around the corner, enjoy your Thursday 500px friends :)

YA 12 In Sepia

Yet another 12 apostles shot taken on a trip to Australia, I had no camera at that time so I resorted to the good old iphone 3GS. I was truly marveled by the beauty of the place, it made me felt as if I was in another planet.

Chapala Bridge

Visiting a newly developed park I found this nice bridge with a lovely view to the lake and a bird flying by.

Joshua Tree

Not quite the Joshua tree but a good front for a nice sunset.

Towards white tunel

This is a not very attractive site during the winter going from Sevenoaks to the A21 on the A225; we were however blessed with some persistent snow which made this strip of the road very beautiful indeed.

Blue sky in the desert

Old photograph rescued from an old hard disk taken with a point and shoot camera.