Hector Yep's Portfolio

Flying Pencil

Frankfurt bound on the day of Jude storm in the UK I was presented with this amazing espectacle of clouds; another plane got in the way but it didn't bother me, not even at 12000 ft. you can get a shot without some sort of human artifact showing its face. Happy weekend to all :)

Cloud waves

If the clouds are fluids they should folow the same laws that govern fluids so no wonder we seldom find clouds that look like waves and the other way around. This is the last one of the clouds' series for now. I wish you all a great Sunday.

Another day, another year

My birthday is coming to a close in an spectacular manner. View from the shard closing the day, you can fainlty see on the right the London Eye; nature almost dominates over man made landscapes.


Sometimes the world is full of coincidences; this was my last planned picture on the air and I didn't have a good song to go with it until I received Big Jet Plane from a special friend; the song fit perfectly for this ambiance; this image is dedicated to you :)

The layer

A nice layer of clouds lets the city lights escape to the orangy blue sky; if they knew is not night yet. Strange how evening can be appreciated with a different light from the sky (quite literally). Happy beginning of the week 500pxers.

Black bullet

An airplane seen at level; the landscape over the clouds is just amazing and no matter how many times I fly it will never cease to amaze me.Happy Friday 500pxers and thanks for your support over the week, I wish you a weekend over the clouds :) Paperplanes

The runway

Leaving Heathrow T5 during sunset; lovely sky tones came up to say goodbye. Have a great Saturday 500pxers.Men at work

Black garden

Very impressive clouds formation, I love nature and always feel amazed and in awe of such amazing spectacles given for free in a big grassland in the surrounding area of where I live. I must sadly accompany this picture with the latest news "The last time CO2 was regularly above 400ppm was three to five million years ago - before modern humans existed.". I believe is time for our generation to really re-think what we are doing to our environment.

Clouds over Germany

I've always feel lucky and privileged whenever I have the opportunity to fly; it is such a humble experience to see the clouds from above I can only say my heart fills with joy and awe over the wonderful landscapes visible from a plane. And a great song to accompany it whilst flying On my mind

The Cloud

Beautiful day in Michigan's beach in Mexico; clouds and palms in the horizon and nice dusty beach; greens, blended with blues and whites; what else do you need?

Sleeping beauty

Photo taken from a plane in Mexico, called "La mujer dormida" in Spanish.

Obscured by the clouds

Sun obscured by the clouds, cheeky bird and cables; very lucky to achieve all at once; evokes feelings of melancholy and such.


I spot this plane just before going through the sun and quickly snap a shot, the clouds and another plane trail formed a strange fluid pattern which I really liked.

Strange Sunset

Wonderful sky colors after many days of rain and dull days, not sure what caused this effect, the photo really didn't do justice to the spectacle I witnessed. Photo was taken in an urban area on a mountain in Acapulco, you can appreciate the sea line in the background.


Kauai island is probably one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

Blue sky in the desert

Old photograph rescued from an old hard disk taken with a point and shoot camera.

The grey hour

In reality it was the blue hour; picture taken in a hurry after a UCAS presentation; it was a bit cold, getting dark and everybody just wanted to go, with the exception of my good old friend miss moon :)