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Guardian Angel

Went to do work for a day in London and on my way to the office there was this old bridge, the day was bad (weatherwise) and suddenly this opportunity came up and I quickly pulled out my camera and got a quick shot. Friday is nearly here 500pxers, I hope you are enjoying Thursday evening. Angels

Memories of India

This barbershop appears frozen in time, upon entering this establishment you automatically feel transported to another place and another time. I had the privilege to have a hair cut here, the Newstar Hairdressing Saloon in Serangoon road Singapore. My barber was the gentleman on the right :)

Chrome's MRT

This was not the typical Singapore's MRT train, instead an endless seamless train of chrome which spaned from side to side allowing a nice sense of perspective. You will notice the face masks again in here, due to the high levels of pollutants coming from Indonesia.

The riddle


Bugis street market is a small universe where you can find food, clothes, electronics, shoes, you name it, they'll have it. Here a nice example of Singaporean street food, yummy sausages, corn, dumplings,satay, etc.; I'm feeling hungry now.Happy Saturday 500pxers :)


From confectionery to crisps, nuts and dry fish you'll find anything you need to satisfy your munching cravings; who doesn't love variety?

Singaporean Geldof

This gentleman reminded me of Bob Geldof; I have this theory of parallel universes on Earth, where there is someone identical to us somewhere else in this planet, I suppose this would be parallel Bob in Singapore; another shot taken from a taxi in hazy Singapore.

The Great Song Of Indifference

The flow

Exit of MRT station in Singapore; I love how the people go in an orderly constant stream and the reflection of the green light in their clothes.

I love sex in color

Well, as per previous picture, who wouldn't, in monochrome, color or with eyes wide shut. You'll appreciate other details in this version; I love the clothes colors and contrasts here. To put the photo a bit into context, this was taken during the week with the worst pollution ever recorded in Singapore due to fires coming from Sumatra (Indonesia), that's why you'll find some face masks in the scene.

Thanks to everybody for their comments, v's and f's, your input drives me keep the creative process flowing.

Walking in my shoes

Red lips

Well I guess I'm in street photography mood, this the third in a row this week; this was taken in Picadilly Circus during a street performance, this young mom (if you look closely she's pushing a pram with her baby) was stealing the attention from the dance show taken place here. Thank you very much for previous comments and support, sorry it is taken me time to reply due to excessive amount of work, I will get back to you but I thank you in advance :)

Tottenham Court

Photo taken just before the train doors were shut; this girl was in a hurry, the underground station is currently under renovation which provided an excellent opportunity for a raw shot.

The woman in red

A tricky shot which required a bit of ingenuity, I took some shots of this woman from a stand still train leaving from Waterloo East station with a gap for oncoming trains, I've obviously got her attention, and just when she was looking at the camera the oncoming train pass through to obtain this result.
Happy mid-week 500pxers :)


Shrine raised in front of Amy Winehouse's home in London; great musician who departed early from this world.

Amy you live stonger even today with your music.

Harrods' street musician

One of the most challenging themes and at the same time most fascinating for me is Street Photography; I present you here a humble attempt. Shot taken in front of Harrods, excellent musicians lighting up the street. And why not, some music to accompany this image, enjoy :)

Freud's ghost

I never thought reflections would do a nice photographic subject until I saw a friend's work; it has been a couple of months here and the site is still an infinite source of photographic technique, art and inspiration.

This gentleman reminded me of Mr. Freud; in here I'm thinking about dreams, the subconscious and the mind. Farewell Sigmund...

Over there

Early attempts at street photography; taken on a business trip to Bogota, Colombia, this was my first trip to this beautiful country.

No gas, no electricity

I was very fortunate to visit this place in the middle of nowhere, no electricity, no gas, no mobile phone signal, no roads (you need to take a boat to get here); food was prepared by the people there and they allowed me to follow the cooking process, luckily I had my camera with me and I managed to capture the magic of the moment.

Coming or going

Red can be dramatic but often better when in motion. Shouldn't we take life a bit slower and easier.

Bums sale

Whislt walking the streets of Zapotlanejo a town where you can buy good quality clothes in the state of Jalisco Mexico I encountered this buttocks display and I took a quick snap as I was in a hurry.

I wish I could wear those

Pigeons are so accustomed to us that they sometimes mingle just like if they were part of the crowd; I found this one looking at a ladies shoes green in envy, not sure if she wanted her shoes or the stockings :)


I found this interesting scene walking in London's China Town; as soon as I took it I knew it had to be a color selection; long time without doing this type of post. Red, red wine

The end of the day

Taken at the end of a Saturday in the Central Line in London; everybody seem tired despite the fact that it was early in the evening. Some people party on the weekend, others rest and others (like me) work. Stop to stop